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SKU: 1470659183
  • Ultra Thick Fibre Reeds They are innovatively designed diffuser reeds for high-performance fragrance throw. They are 6mm in thickness & 175mm in length. 


    Depending on when the aroma starts to fade or when a burst of freshness is required, the reeds can be turned over every few days, all the time, or once a week. The fragrance oil may evaporate more quickly the more reeds that are turned and the more frequently they are flipped. Turn the reeds every day for a powerful aroma, and less frequently for a delicate one. It should be emphasised that each person has a unique sense of smell.

    A few reeds can be flipped every couple of days, all the reeds everyday, or once a week, it depends on whenever the scent begins to fade or a burst of freshness is needed. The more reeds flipped and the more often they are flipped, the faster the fragrance oil could evaporate. For a strong scent turn the reeds daily & for a subtle scent turn the reeds less often. It should be noted that everyone smells scents differently.

    When it's time to transition to a new smell, fresh reeds should be utilised because the perfume that has already been absorbed into the reeds will mix with the new aroma and could result in an unfavourable scent combination. The channels may get significantly clogged after lengthy use or after the reeds have been completely saturated. Simply swap out with fresh ones to restore the aroma.


    Simply take out a few of the reeds if the scent becomes too overpowering. The oil will spread across the space more slowly and with less potency if there are fewer reeds in the container.

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