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  • Coarse grain Pink Himalayan salt is revered for its striking pink color, which comes from the salt's rich mineral composition, including iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. These minerals contribute to its healing properties, helping to detoxify the body, ease muscle tension, and promote skin hydration. 


    Himalayan salt is thought to offer exceptional health benefits and is considered the cleanest salt on the planet by medical professionals and alternative therapists.


    Natural and immaculate is Himalayan Crystal Salt. It is made up of rock crystals with the most ideal geometric structure that can exist because of millions of years of compression beneath the surface of the Earth. Because Himalayan crystal salt contains a nearly identical set of elements to those found inside the human body, it precisely meshes with our body's internal mechanisms. It has 84 of the 92 potential trace minerals in the same ratios that are found naturally in human blood.


    It should not be used on the face, eyes, or anywhere the skin is  broken. For external use only. If an irritation develops, discontinue use.

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